Electrical System Infrared Thermal Inspections

Electrical system thermal inspectionDefective, loose, overloaded, and malfunctioning electrical system components can easily be identified through Infrared Thermal Imaging without the need for invasive investigations, service interruption, or disconnecting components. 

When electrical components are improperly installed, overloaded, failing or defective, they create heat. Our technology can quickly and easily identify electrical concerns without service interruption. By identifying these potential electrical problems, we can help our Dayton area clients reduce hazards, liability, and risk while saving vast amounts of time and money.  Our commercial and industrial clients throughout Ohio and surrounding states have realized the benefits an electrical scan of switch gear, motor control centers, and all other facility electrical equipment can provide.  When promptly corrected, a single discovered concern can recoup the cost of the inspection several times over through preventing unplanned down time and production loss! 
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Dayton Thermal Inspection serves Dayton Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Greenville Ohio, Centerville Ohio, Sidney Ohio, Celina Ohio, Xenia Ohio, Fairborn Ohio, and many more cities and towns in and around the Miami Valley of Ohio.  Contact us to discuss your needs in detail!