Sample Infrared Thermal Reports

We will be happy to provide prospective clients a sample report pertinent to the service of interest. To request a sample thermal report -  contact us at 937.423.2949 or email  You may also use the the "Contact Us" form link.

Available sample reports include:

  • Sample commercial property Infrared Thermal survey
  • Sample commercial flat roof Infrared Inspection survey including diagrams & sketches
  • Sample electrical systems infrared survey - Commercial Facility
  • Sample heat loss /energy loss thermal survey - Residential
  • Sample below slab pipe location and leak detection survey
  • Sample building envelope infrared thermal survey - Commercial Building
  • Sample insulation thermal scan report - Residential
  • Sample moisture intrusion thermal survey - Residential
  • Sample moisture intrusion thermal survey - Commercial
  • Sample water damage remediation clearance survey - Commercial Building
  • Sample infrared block wall scan - Commercial Facility

Our experience with various infrared inspection applications is not necessarlily limited to the above sample reports.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your interest or specific thermal imaging inspection application!

A personalized computer generated report with photos, sketches, and thermal images will typically be provided to clients within 24-48 hours of the infrared thermal inspection*.  Please inform us at time of scheduling should your time constraints require a faster report delivery. 
(* Commercial, industrial, or otherwise labor intensive projects may require longer report periods and will be defined in the agreed project scope.)

At your request, access or copies of reports can be distrubuted  to interested parties at no additional charge.


Dayton Thermal Inspection serves Dayton Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Greenville Ohio, Centerville Ohio, Sidney Ohio, Celina Ohio, Xenia Ohio, Fairborn Ohio, and many more cities and towns in and around the Miami Valley of Ohio.  Contact us to discuss your needs in detail!