Commercial Infrared Building Inspections

Dayton thermal inspection - infrared commercial building inspection Residential and commercial buildings or structures are often cursed by issues which can be very difficult to diagnose and remediate even for the most experienced contractors. These issues can include excessive energy loss from issues with insulation and the building envelope; excessive air leakage or infiltration; moisture and water damage from leaks and condensation; weather related damage to roof systems, poor HVAC performance; Indoor air quality issues such as mold growth (also known as “sick building syndrome”);   and construction defects or shortfalls.
Most of the time these issues, their causes, and implications cannot be observed until after the costly damage has occurred. Infrared thermography is an invaluable tool that allows us to discover the otherwise invisible problems before they become unmanageable. An Infrared Thermal Inspection allows home owners, building owners, contractors, and renovation specialists to locate these problems and confirm adequate solutions. 
Most residential and commercial building components will produce unique thermal images or patterns which are then interpreted and infrared block wall inspectiondiagnosed by your Dayton Thermal Inspector.   These images will reveal hidden issues and help to define the exact problem areas. Interpreting these images is no easy task. Our experience and knowledge as a building inspector combined with our Infrared Inspection training and highly sensitive equipment assures or client’s quick and accurate inspections.
Infrared Thermal Imaging is relatively new technology and has only been in use for about the last 40 – 60 years mostly in industrial, scientific, and military applications. The first thermal imagers had to be transported by truck. Only recently has more portable equipment been developed. Now we can apply this amazing technology to help solve building problems through a number of applications including:
· Air leakage or infiltration location
· HVAC issues and performance
· Construction Defects and shortfalls
· Indoor Air Quality Issues
· Radiant Heating system location
· And more…
Infrared inspection heat loss - Dayton thermal inspection
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