Fire, Water, & Smoke Restoration Infrared Inspections

Our Infrared Thermal Imaging service goes hand in hand with fire, water, mold, and smoke restoration and remediation services.   We are able to assist providers with confirmational data and images that can help determine the extent of water damage and intrusion.  Actual water damage is not always visible to the naked eye and often missed by homeowners and insurance adjusters.  Infrared technology takes the guesswork out of the restoration process.  Infrared Thermal Imaging can also help verify that water and moisture has been completely remediated and dried.  Infrared is proving to be a valuable asset to restoration and remediation companies as well as our mutual clients and their insurance providers.

Below are images from a residence that experienced a sump pump failure in the lower (below grade) finished portion of the house.  The carpet and padding were saturated throughout most of the room but water did not rise above the carpet level.  We were able to verify the extent of damage to the surrounding drywall and pinpoint the level of moisture that had drawn up into the walls.  This helped to confirm that the level of water intrusion was not merely limited to the carpet but indeed affected the drywalled areas.  Those areas that were not removed and replaced were later confirmed to be dry with our same thermal imaging service.  The darker areas in the images indicate moisture present and all were confirmed with invasive pin type and non-invasive moisture meter.

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 basement flood Before remediation- the walls visibly appeared dry and without typical water stains present.  A thermal imaging inspection revealed a different story... 
 thermal image moisture intrusion  Thermal image of wet carpet and moisture intrusion into brick and mortar of the fireplace.  Wet-vac marks (streaking) can be seen next to the hearth at the center of this image where clients were attempting to remove the water.
 thernal inspection water intrusion  Thermal image of water intrusion at carpet.  The darker (purple) area is noticebly wet.  Moist footprints can be seen on the dry carpet in this image.
 thermal inspection water intrusion  Thermal image showing wet carpet and moisture intrusion up the wall.  Framing can also be seen in this image. The moisture becomes progressively less as it climbs the wall.  A definative line is slightly visible in this image and was verified with a moisture meter.
 thermal inspection water intrusion  Thermal image of moisture intrusion at drywall
 thermal inspection water intrusion  Thermal image showing carpet pulled back and water intrusion of drywall
thermal inspection water intrusion Thermal image of moisture intrusion at drywall. Some damaged areas extended 2.5+ feet up the wall even though actual water levels never reached this height.


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